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Why CBN Is a Psychoactive Sleep Aid Alternative

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

*DISCLAIMER* Anecdotal Article

If you’ve ever smoked a long-forgotten joint and fallen into a sleepy couch-coma, you’ve already tried CBN, a cannabinoid that is quickly becoming 2020’s best alternative to sleeping pills. CBN really makes your body want to slow down and go night-night. Unlike CBD, which only attaches to cannabinoid receptors in places like your blood and bones, CBN attaches to those in your brain, giving you a slight meditative effect, though it’s nowhere as psychoactive as THC.

There’s a reason for this mild psychoactivity: CBN is actually just old THC, which has chemically decomposed over time. That’s why, until recently, CBN has been available only in medically or recreationally legal states — there was no way to fully separate the two, and in many states, any trace of THC makes the product illegal. But thanks to years of research, CBN has been isolated, and is now being sold nationwide in tinctures, edibles, and even vapes.

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