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Medical License

Have you ever wanted to get your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana License? Well, Thistle Therapies can get you certified TODAY! From your initial certification, re-certification, even help with your registration paperwork, our trusted staff does it all. Just fill out our simple form with your information and one of our qualified medical card experts will contact you within the hour! You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need a medical card if cannabis is legal in Massachusetts?" Well, some of the benefits of having a medical card are:

  • Savings - You don't have to pay the 20-23% tax on purchases

  • Supply - Dispensaries have to reserve 35% of their product for Medical patients

  • Dosing Limits - Recreational edibles can only be 5mg, no limit on Medical

  • Delivery - Only Medical cannabis can be delivered to your doorstep

  • Age - 21 for Recreational, 18 for Medical

  • Legality - You can possess 10 ounces legally with a Medical Card

  • Job Security - Drug Tests will treat cannabis as medicine with a Medical Card

  • Growing - 6 plants for Recreational, 60-day supply for Medical

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